1 – 15 APRIL 2020



VeganFitter – The Game Changers is the first Functional Fitness competition for vegans, vegetarians and veggie supporters, in the world.

For this first event we have decided to support the NGO Sinergia Animal that promotes veganism and fight to end the worst practices of industrial animal agriculture in the Global South.
€10 per registration are donated to Sinergia Animal. Every registration within January will double this donation.


There will be 2 Leaderboards : 1 Rx and 1 Scaled

Teams can either be composed of 2 Men, 2 Women or 1 Woman / 1 Man.
We encourage you to invite and to create teams with your non vegan friends.

Women results will be adapted by coefficient and weight requirement.

You will choose your level only when the WOD will be released.

If you do better than Scaled for most of the requirements, Rx is your level.

Feet to head (it’s like a toes to bar but feet don’t touch the bar)

1 Burpee

Kb 16/12 kg

Wall ball 9/6 kg

Single unders

Box jump 50/40 cm

Clean and jerk 50/35 kg

Snatch 40/25 kg


This is a Functionnal Fitness Online competition. That means that there will be no physical event following the online competition.

The goal is to raise money for the NGO Sinergia Animal so even if you love to win, do it first for the animals and the environment.

Training in a CrossFit Gym is not an obligation as long as you have access to the requested equipment.

No, we will evaluate your video if you have a chance to be on the podium.

In order to prouve your score, you will have to film yourself doing the WOD. A phone with batterie and memory will be enough. Maybe you can find a friend to film while you are doing the workout.

Since the workout is secret we will release a list of equipment but some of them may not be used eventually.

Here is the equipment you may need, ideally in pair :

  • 2 Olympic Barbell (15kg / 20kg) and a few weight
  • 2 Pullup bar stations
  • 2 Kettlebells (12 to 24 kg)
  • 2 Wall Balls (6 to 9kg)
  • 2 Jumping ropes
  • 1 Rower
  • 1 Airbike
  • 2 Boxes 50cm/60cm

This competition is designed for people that are already engaged in a vegan lifestyle, but not exclusively.

We hope that this event will motivate non Vegan participants to stop animal product consumption and change the idea of veganism within sport and Fitness around the World.

SYNC is a french Vegan protein maker, without gluten, OGM and artificial ingredients.

RSNATCH is the best platform to manage Fitness events around the world.


Instagram a renvoyé des données non valides.